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iPhone Backup Analyzer is an utility designed to easily browse through the backup folder of an iPhone (or any other iOS device). Read configuration files, browse archives, lurk into databases, and so on...

It is written in Python and released as open source software under the MIT License. I developed (and I’m still developing) it during a research in my PhD course in Computer Sciences at the University of Brescia.

Important notice: the application was realized for academic purposes and is still under heavy development (while it is completely functional, some bugs could always exist).

The main goal under the development is to provide a way to analyze the contents of the iPhone backup. It is meant to be used by anyone which wants to easily study what does the backup contain, being him a forensics expert, an iOS developer or just an interested iPhone user. The software is also packed with utilities to easily browse through content formatted in a ready-to-use way, such as messages, contacts, safari bookmarks and so on (see the Features page for a more in-depth description).

Of course, the main reason for distributing the software as open source is to make it possible for anyone else to contribute and help me to make this piece of software the best backup analyzer in the world :-) so every help is encouraged and appreciated. You wrote a new addon window, or you are planning to do so? Drop me a line! You have a suggestion for a missing function? Drop me a line! You found a bug? Drop me a line! Thanks in advance!

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